Technology Transfer

BIOPIX-T completes the technology trasnfer to Kiara Health of South Africa.

What a rewarding week the past week has been! Our team visited our partner Kiara Health in South Africa to complete the technology transfer for the production of the PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform and the COV19 qcLAMP kit.

We would like to thank all of Kiara Health wonderful personnel for their professionalism and hospitality!

We went through an intense week of technology training and commercial meetings with key opinion leaders. The first Pebbles and COV19 kits were produced by Kiara Health and the commercial seeds have been planted!

Dr. Papadakis said: “We are looking forward to Kiara Health starting full scale production and distribution across Sub-Saharan Africa. The PEBBLE is expected to have a great impact in the region on so many levels.

We are proud of this partnership and we agreed to progress into co-development of new test kits that will maximize the potential of our platform technology in the region and beyond!”


BIOPIX DNA TECHNOLOGY P.C. ( was founded in December 2019 in order to commercialize a novel molecular diagnostic method, developed by the founding team, for the detection of nucleic acids at the point-of-care.   

The company targets two healthcare-diagnostics related markets through the production of standardized assays for detection and monitoring of Infectious Diseases and Companion Diagnostics.