Portable real-time colorimetric LAMP-device for rapid quantitative detection of nucleic acids in crude samples

Finally, the long-awaited research paper detailing the work that was done developing IRIS – the predecessor of PEBBLE – has been published!


Congratulations to all researchers who contributed to this work but especially to our very own Dr. George Papadakis, Dr. Alexandros Pantazis, Mr. Nikolaos Fikas and Mrs. Stella Chatziioannidou who continue to develop further our company and our products, together with the rest of the outstanding BIOPIX-Team!

BIOPIX DNA TECHNOLOGY P.C. (https://biopix-t.com) was founded in December 2019 in order to commercialize a novel molecular diagnostic method, developed by the founding team, for the detection of nucleic acids at the point-of-care. 

The company targets two healthcare-diagnostics related markets through the production of standardized assays for detection and monitoring of Infectious Diseases and Companion Diagnostics.