Season’s greetings with a new funding round for all!

From all of us at BIOPIX-T, we very much hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year 2023!!!

You’ve most likely been following our progress for some time now, and you’ve seen the updates and news about our activities and successes. What is perhaps not obvious in our posts, is the amount of effort we BIOPIXers have put into making this a great company with impactful products!

As always, we remain faithful to our mission to offer portable diagnostic devices to every potential end-user, regardless of financial status, geographical location, and training, so that doctors, healthcare providers and patients in developed and developing countries may benefit equally from our technology, which intends to alleviate personal suffering and control disease outbreaks.

As a recap of the last couple of years, BIOPIX-T made the most of the seed funding of €1.45M we received in September 2020 from Metavallon VC (GR), Eleven VC (BG) and three Angel Investors from the healthcare sector in Greece, along with the H2020 COVID-response call funding of €2.4M (within a consortium of 7 more prestigious partners) by making the exceptional happen; our great team was able to transfer our novel prototype technology from the Biosensors Lab of IMBB-FORTH to the market in just 1 year!!! A remarkable achievement for any company, irrespective of size and maturity.

During this first year from funding, our team grew from 3.5 full-time employees to 12FTEs (now 18), while managing to establish an R&D facility within the Science and Technology Park of Crete, as well as an additional production facility outside the campus. Moreover, our company got certified with the Med-tech ISO13485 and the security of information ISO27001, while also receiving the CE-IVD certification for our first three products, namely the “PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform” the “COV19 qcLAMP kit” and the “FLUA qcLAMP kit”. All of this in just 12 months, with the first sales taking place in October 2021!

Now that we’ve proven the product market fit, with over 170 PEBBLES sold and over 40K tests performed, we’re working on the next products that will propel the company forward in the post-COVID era. There are many innovative and impactful products in the pipeline!

To that end, we are about to launch a public bridge financing round in the coming weeks, followed by a full Series A round within the next two years. This bridge round will be funded by a combination of institutional investors who have already committed the majority of the necessary funds and a public crowdfunding campaign.

As a thank you for your support and interest in our company, we invite you to participate in this financing round and secure your spot, becoming a member of the BIOPIX-Team and sharing in our future successes!

All information about the terms and our future plans can be found by following this link HERE to Seedblink’s portal. SeedBlink is one of the best co-investment platforms specializing in European tech startups, with an excellent investor infrastructure.

If you have any questions about this, you may always reach out to our Head of Commercial and Investor Relations, Mr. Sergios Katsaros, through e-mail skatsaros@biopix-t.com or DM here in LinkedIn.
We are really excited about having more people onboarding our dream and we look forward to welcoming you to the team!

With enthusiastic regards,

The BIOPIX-T management team