• PEBBLE-R qcLAMP Platform

    PEBBLE-R qc-LAMP is a platform intended for Research Use Only (RUO) and is the only “open” compact, portable and affordable device for performing real-time and quantitative colorimetric LAMP. PEBBLE-R is “open” for the use or reagents of the reseacher’s choice and it is comparable with different colorimetric dyes. PEBBLE-R can be operated after scanning a data matrix code (QR code) which can be purchased from BIOPIX-T.

  • Pebble-R runs

    The QR codes can only be used in combination with a PEBBLE-R qcLAMP Platform with each QR code corresponding to 100 new individual reactions.

    *The QR codes cannot be used with the diagnostic PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform.